Why in India:

“Infection Control and Sterilization Device Expo-2021” is the first and only Expo and Conference on this topic in India. Due to the global spread of COVID-19, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes have higher awareness of hygiene and emergency reserves. Especially in healthcare, Industrial or Academic facilities, awareness of hygiene is extra high and the market is huge in India.

ICSDE-2021 is an event dedicated to innovation, technology and best practices in infection control and Sanitization. World’s all top companies will showcase innovations, technological progress, latest trends and best practices pertaining to the disinfectant products and services. This will be a focused event on hygiene, disinfectant methods and technology, cleaning equipment and chemicals, housekeeping/facility management, hospital laundry, pest control, biohazard and medical waste management, industrial waste management, chemical waste control and for healthcare centers and hospitals, pharma production centers, research laboratories as well as food processing industry.


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